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1920s Chicago. Housewife Roxie Hart dreams of fame, most specifically being a star in vaudeville, and plans on sleeping her way to the top... with someone other than her husband, the overly trusting and loyal Amos Hart. When Roxie learns that Fred Casely, who promised her a big break at the Onyx Club, only said so to sleep with her, she kills him during an altercation. She ends up being incarcerated at Cook County jail on overpopulated murderess row, the inmates who primarily knocked off a man who did them wrong. Among them is one of Roxie's idols, Velma Kelly, one half of the headlining Kelly sisters appearing at the Onyx Club, Velma who purportedly killed her husband Charlie and her sister Veronica when she found them cavorting with each other. Velma has no time for people like Roxie: Velma Kelly wannabes or hangers-on. The prison matron, "Mama" Morton, likes to help her girls... for a price. Even more predatory is lawyer Billy Flynn, the best in getting women prisoners exonerated, but again at an even more exorbitant price. Billy's game plan generally is publicity, to make his clients stars, which if he does end up representing Roxie may shift the balance of celebrity between Roxie and Velma, the latter who is also obsessed with her own fame. But if Billy can do such for Roxie, he can do so for others, all who are clamouring for that limited real estate on newspaper front pages. Through it all, Roxie and Velma may eventually come to the understanding that beyond fame, their life or death may also be on the line.