After two long days of more than 90 auditions, we are extremely proud and excited to present our cast of The Producers.

Thank you to all who took the time to audition over this weekend. To build our cast list from the incredible display of talent, was exceptionally difficult. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take everyone.

Please join us in congratulating the cast of The Producers.


Max Bialystock – Scott Radburn
Leo Bloom – Daniel Downing
Roger DeBris – John Michael Burdon
Carmen Ghia – Nelson Bowler
Franz Liebkind – Danny Condon
Ulla – Tanya Boyle

Featured Ensemble:

Hold Me Touch Me – Anne-Marie Fanning
Bryan the Set Designer – Jay Gomez
Kevin The Costume Designer – Aaron Gobby
Scott The Choreographer/ Tap Ensemble – Ryan Morgan
Shirley Markowitz / Hobo – Taylor Cable
The Judge – Damien Morley
Mr Marks – Paul Hamilton
Jack Lapidus/Sad Accountant – Ron Seymour
Jason Green – Justin Huntsdale
Kiss Me Feel Me/ Not You / Tap Ens – Elanna Zapirain
Lick Me Bite Me – Cheryl Radburn
Donald Dinsmore – Lachlan Grogan
Usherette – Katherine Akele
Springtime For Hitler Showgirl – Kathryn Edmonds
Springtime For Hitler Showgirl – Kimmie Jonceski


Girls In Pearls:
GiP’s / Usherette / Tap Ens – Kristie Beedie
GiP’s / Springtime For Hitler Showgirl – Talia Sigsworth
GiP’s / Springtime For Hitler Showgirl – Imogen Smee
GiP’s / Tap Ens – Brittany Doyle
GiP’s / Tap Ens – Rebecca Virtu
GiP’s (Chor/Dance Captain) – Teagan McKeen
Tap / Ensemble – Sean Crombie
Tap / Ensemble – Dane Sanderson
Tap / Ensemble – James McAlpine
Ens – Accountants / Prisoners / etc – Tyler Richardson
Ens – Accountants / Prisoners / etc – Jack Arnold
Ens – Accountants / Prisoners / etc – Keiden Cheung
Ens – Accountants / Prisoners / etc – Jack Paterson

* Other minor roles to be cast during rehearsal process.